Topco WS Pump Inspection Centre

Topco Oilsite opened a WS Pump Inspection and Repair Centre in 2012 in Clairmont, Alberta. This facility was set up to provide inspection as well as the repair of high horsepower pumps used by the stimulation contractors.

The stand-alone operation is equipped with a 10 ton overhead crane; specialized tooling used in fluid end exchanges and power end repairs. An on-site painting service facilitates custom colour matching for all customer equipment.

Topco's service technicians are highly qualified to trouble shoot and diagnose any type of pump issues. Along with the repair centre Topco also has fully equipped mobile units out of Edmonton and Calgary that can be dispatched to customer locations and worksites to provide assistance with pump operational problems.

Topco can also help manage the preventative maintenance of customer’s pump fleets with an Asset Management System. This detailed tracking system provides inspection documentation for all assets coming through Topco’s facilities and for field work completed by Topco’s mobile units.

Clairmont is a training facility and customer personnel are provided with hands on and theoretical experience in the proper running and maintenance of their pumping equipment. Topco has a practical preventative program based on the FMC WS pump technical literature and makes this technical information available as part of the customer training program.