Calgary Manufacturing Centre

Calgary is the location of Topco’s Thread Compound Plant.  Topco manufactures premium quality products used by the drilling contractors, well servicing industry, and the OCTG pipe mills.

Topco started blending compounds and specialty sealants in 1959 and today has a full range of conventional, environmental and thermal products for the oil and gas industry.

In December 1996 Topco was registered as an ISO facility and proudly carries this accreditation through annual audits.  A rigorous QC program ensures that customers receive the best possible product and in a time efficient manner.  Products are shipped globally under the Topco name and are also formulated for customer specific proprietary connections.

Ongoing R & D programs evaluate new materials to maximize product performance and create compounds to meet the ever changing drilling and producing environments.

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Bay 7, 3401–19th Street N.E.
Calgary, AB   T2E 6S8
Phone: 403.219-0255
Fax:     403.291-3042