Clairmont Distribution and Well Service Pump Centre

Topco Well Servicing Pumps (WSP) Facility located in Clairmont

Topco recognized a customer need to inspect and repair well servicing pumps. The Clairmont WSP facility was opened in December of 2011 to provide this service to the northern customer base.

This centre is capable of off-loading both triplex and quint pumps and handling all types of required repair work. The facility has a full range of inventory necessary to rebuild the pumps efficiently and return them for immediate field service.

The staff is knowledgeable and experienced in diagnosing problems either at the work site or in this dedicated pump shop.

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9021 -99th Street
Clairmont, Alberta
T0H 0W0
Phone : 780.567-2398
Fax : 780.567-0004