Topco Edmonton Manufacturing and Recertification Centre

Topco's Edmonton Manufacturing and Recertification Centre was established in 2009 to assemble new product as well as recertify the Trico line of well servicing equipment and Topco safety tools.

In June of 2014 relocated to a larger location as the company took on additional work in the inspection, repair, and recertification of high pressure iron for the pressure pumping industry.  The new facility is set up with a full complement of testing equipment and a pressure test bay to certify manifold trailers. The centre serves customers in Edmonton, north eastern Alberta and northern Saskatchewan.

Staff in this location also administer Quality Control programs for all internal  manufactured product as well as conducts regularly scheduled supplier audits to ensure adherence to engineering specifications.

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7143 68th Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T6B 3T6
Phone: 780.436-8630
Fax: 780.436-8858