O'Drill MCM

Topco Oilsite Products Ltd. sells and services the “Engineered for High Performance” line of O’Drill MCM pumps, valves, and solids control equipment.

MCM pumps are well known in the oilfield and are strongly supported by the North American drilling industry.  These “extra heavy duty” and regular duty pumps are built to withstand the toughest of applications in drilling, production, and well servicing.

O’Drill MCM is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and this designation ensures customers of consistently high quality products.

Pumps are available in three different Series 118, 178, and 250 depending on application.  The Mud Master is engineered as a space saver pump and is used in fracturing trucks, blenders, and pump charging service.  These pumps come with hydraulic drives making them ideal for water well service.

Topco Oilsite Products Ltd. is able to build skid mounted pump packages in either horizontal or vertical configurations.  Customers have the option to have MCM pumps painted in their company colors.  Topco provides a full service repair program on all centrifugal pumps through the Edmonton distribution center.

Additional O’Drill MCM products distributed in Canada by Topco include reset relief valves, shear relief valves, and the Baker style float valves, (“F” and “G”, “GA” and “GC”).  Solids control equipment screens, mud cleaners, mud hoppers and agitators are also available through our product centres.

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