1. Orientation & Training – All employees and visitors are oriented upon arrival at the Topco site, visitors are always escorted and employees complete the Basic Safety Awareness program before commencing work. All safety training is reviewed, at a minimum, annually or when circumstances necessitate retraining. Training is conducted on a one-to-one basis for newly hired employees.
  2. Supervision – All employees are trained to the level of competent worker. Employees who travel use the In-Touch procedure to maintain contact in case of emergency.
  3. Hazard Assessment & Controls – Hazard Assessment and Job Procedure training are completed for each employee before performing a particular task. Employees are trained in the use, maintenance and limitations of their personal protective equipment.
  4. Communication & Awareness – Topco ensures that all employees are included in safety matters by using a three-tiered safety meeting system, daily Tool-Box meetings, monthly local Safety/Staff meetings and monthly multi-district committee meetings. Topco uses the Fail-Safe report, a monthly newsletter, to ensure that all employees are aware of any procedural changes, incidents and safety news. Topco also participates in the annual Safety Stand Down week as a means of bringing an industry wide message to our employees.
  5. Reporting – Topco documents all safety matters to enable tracking, trend analysis and prioritization.