Organization & Planning

  1. Legislative Compliance – Topco maintains a current and accessible copy of the OH&S act, regulation & code at each location and complies with the legislative requirements.
  2. Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) – Topco is partnered with the Manufacturer’s Health & Safety Association to continually enhance the effectiveness of our Safety Program and to maintain our Certificate of Recognition (COR).
  3. Company Safety Manual – Topco provides and maintains a Company Safety Manual, the purposes of which are to increase employee awareness, to define employee responsibilities, to provide structure and guidelines for training and auditing, to codify company Safety Rules, Safe Work Practices and Job Procedures and to outline Topco’s Emergency Preparedness and Effective Disability Management programs.
  4. Safety Committee – Topco supports a Safety Committee whose purposes are to maintain, standardize and improve the Safety Program, to increase effective communication between all employees and districts and to analyze trends for future program revisions.
  5. Employee Safety Handbook – Topco provides and reviews with all employees the Employee Safety Handbook, the purposes of which are to orient employees and summarize the key safety topics found in the Company Safety Manual.