Manufactured Products

Topco Oilsite Products is an industry leader in the engineering and design of products that are manufactured for use in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Topco’s reputation has been established on using high quality materials, trained technical staff, and specialized equipment to manufacture oilfield products that are built for performance as well as endurance, and that meet or exceed safety and environmental regulations.

Topco thread compounds have been blended in Canada for over 50 years and are constantly being improved for the ever changing and more demanding drilling and production environments.  The thermal compound line is widely known for it’s applications on conventional and premium tubulars used in steam and SAG-D projects.

The Trico line of well servicing equipment has been completely re-engineered to increase lifting capacity, operate in colder temperatures, and exceed both API and European performance requirements.  Topco follows an extensive Quality Control program that provides customer documentation with complete traceability during the manufacturing process. Trico is the recognized name of well servicing equipment that sets the industry standard for performance and reliability.

Topco’s Endurel line of well servicing products offers a full selection of swabbing cups and down hole metal components for the well service industry.  A proprietary blend of elastomers are formulated for use in the most demanding well environments.  Topco is continually expanding it’s product offering and is now able to provide Endurel® well service pump valves and seats for most OEM well servicing pumps.

Green Top environmental products were developed in response to industry demands for high performance compounds that were free of heavy metals and extreme pressure chemical additives.