Premium Thread Compounds - Since 1959

High Pressure Treating Iron

Topco is the distributor of FlowValve high pressure treating iron.

Integrated Services

Topco is a major provider of inspection, repair, and recertification services for high pressure treating iron.

Flowline Restraints

Topco products and services include the American Iron Works line of equipment restraint systems. Restraints aid in providing a safe working environment during field operations.

Well Service Pump & Repair

Topco Well Service Pump facilities conduct the inspection, analysis, and repair of high pressure pumps.


1502 Swivel Repair Kits | Check Valve Repair Kits | Universal Union Seals


For over 50 years Topco has manufactured and distributed products for the upstream Oil and Gas Industry. All of our product lines are fully serviced through our centers in Western Canada and the United States.

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Topco: Thread Compounds

Since 1959 Topco has been a trusted industry leader in the manufacture of High Performance Rotary Joint & Casing / Tubing Thread Compounds. Topco blends commercial anti-seize compounds used by the energy sector and specialty products formulated for severe arctic and thermal applications.


Inspection & Re-certification

Topco has over twenty years of experience in the repair, maintenance, and re-certification of high pressure treating iron equipment. Topco’s highly trained technicians and documented inspection processes ensure that our customer’s safety standards for high pressure iron is exceeded.


Trico: Well Servicing Tools

Trico well servicing tools have been a standard in the industry for decades. The line is constantly being improved and re-engineered to respond to evolving rod handling equipment requirements. The Trico line includes sucker rod elevators, hooks, wrenches, and fishing tools.

Endurel: Flowline & Well Servicing Equipment

Endurel equipment is purpose built for the harsh conditions of the Canadian Oil & Gas industry. Endurel designs quality equipment utilizing industry leading 3D CAD modeling software.

Topco Oilsite Products

Topco Oilsite Products opened its doors in 1959 as a single line distributor and a manufacturer of thread compounds for the oil and gas industry. Topco is a world leader in blending thread compounds, a master distributor of premium upstream oilfield equipment and a manufacturer of high quality well service product for the energy industry.

By the mid-1990s Topco had grown to operate a complete inspection and re-certification service for pressure pumping customers. Topco’s inspection facilities are located across western Canada and the US Permian Basin. In 2014 Topco opened it’s first dedicated Well Service Pump Inspection facility in Grande Prairie.

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