Rod Handling Equipment

The Trico lines of well servicing tools has been manufactured by Topco since 1999. These overhead lifting products were re-engineered to meet higher service demands and extreme weather conditions. The Trico line is manufactured to meet or exceed API 8C specifications. An extensive quality control program ensures that Trico well servicing tools will be dimensionally within tolerance, critical wear areas will be checked and equipment will surpass pull tests to 1.5 times suggested load capacity.

Trico introduces the ULTRA MAX road hook!

The ULTRA MAX has been engineered to 37.5 Ton load capacity.

General Cautions and Warnings

Trico overhead sucker rod handling equipment is not to be interchanged with other manufacturers equipment! Interchanging Trico overhead sucker rod handling equipment with other manufacturer’s similar components will void any warranty provided by Topco Oilsite Products Ltd., as it may cause the following:

  • Poor operation
  • Possible component failure which may cause injury to personnel

Maximum Load Rating indicates the greatest force or load a product can carry under usual environmental conditions. Shock loading and extraordinary conditions must be taken into account when selecting products for use in a system.


The Maximum Load rating of each Trico Well Servicing product may be affected by wear, misuse, overloading, corrosion, deformation, intentional alteration and other use conditions. Regular inspection must be conducted to determine whether use can be continued at the Maximum Load Rating, a reduced Load Rating, or whether the product should be withdrawn from service.

Warning: The maximum rated load of spinners, hooks, and swivels is determined without applied torsional loading. Torsional loading caused by defective or seized bearings reduces the maximum rated load and voids any warranty provided by Topco Oilsite Products Ltd.