A core value of any modern company

Commitment to Safety

Topco Oilsite Products Ltd. is committed to prioritizing health and safety of our employees, maintaining the integrity of assets and ensuring the sustainability of our environment.

We will lead by example in all health and safety matters by promoting training, supervision and awareness in and beyond the workplace.

The Topco Safety Program advocates teamwork achieved through participation and communication.

Executive Commitment

  1. Company Philosophy
  2. Commitment to Safety
  3. Company Guiding Principles

Organize & Plan

  1. Legislative Compliance
  2. Partnership in Injury Reduction
  3. Company Safety Manual
  4. Safety Committee
  5. Employee Safety Handbook


  1. Orientation & Training
  2. Supervision
  3. Hazard Assessment & Controls
  4. Communication & Awareness
  5. Reporting

Quantify Effectiveness

  1. Audit System
  2. Measure Effects
  3. Industry Comparison

Revise Safety Program

  1. Documentation
  2. Employee Feedback
  3. Observations
  4. Follow Up