Valve Seat Puller | Hydraulic Jack

At Acumen International our goal is to be your first and most reliable source for specialized drilling equipment, well service equipment, products and parts. We have been providing high quality oilfield expendables and related products from our Houston location since 1989, and our South Texas location since 2010.

We promote and sell only the highest quality products. Our long term, established partnerships with top manufacturers gives Acumen International a competitive advantage in providing premiere products. Our product lines have been thoroughly researched, tested, and proven in working environments, excelling in performance when compared with similar products.

The Quick Release Valve Seat Puller is designed to be safer, faster, stronger and more user friendly than any other valve seat puller.

With unmatched safety, ease of operation and superior tensile strength, it is unlike any other seat puller in the market.

If the jack has enough power, the Acumen Quick Release Valve Seat Puller has the ability to extract both washed and distorted valve seats.

Replacement parts available.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compatible with Series 4 & 5 full open well service valve seats
  • Compatible with API 4 8 full open drilling valve seats
  • Alloy shaft, 2 4.5 TPI, multiple lengths available
  • Plug & play with existing puller parts
  • Quick release pull ring

Improved safety:

  • ZERO pinch points, no hands in fluid end
  • Reduced HSE risk

Increased Efficiency:

  • No assembly and disassembly
  • One person operation
  • 50% 70% faster

Enhanced Durability:

  • 360° valve seat pulling surface
  • Increased usable service life
  • Heavy duty alloy steel

QRVSP Plunger Pump (KNOB) Instructions | QRVSP Puller Head Installation

Finally, a light weight hydraulic jack designed and manufactured to withstand today’s rugged oilfield environment.

With a self-retracting piston and half the weight of standard steel jacks, our aluminum jack allows for safe lifting practices when the job needs to be done fast.

Aluminum Jack has the longest stroke in the market to ensure valve seat is fully extracted from the seat deck on the first try, every time. Exclusive stroke limit valve is utilized to avoid over-travel of piston while operating and maintaining full pressure.

Replacement seal kit available.

Features and Benefits

  • Single acting cylinder
  • Capacity range up to 120 ton
  • Operable with 1 to 2 puller shafts
  • Designed for 10,000 psi operating pressure
  • Compatible with existing puller parts and equipment


  • Piston Blow-Out Protection
  • 50% less weight than steel jacks
  • Ergonomic handles integrated into top cover system


  • Full 1 Piston Stroke
  • Automatic Piston Retraction
  • Light weight allows rapid movement from one seat to the next


  • Element Resistant Seals
  • Load Tested at 125% of nominal capacity
  • Introduced wiper seal reduces contamination
  • Hard-Anodized Coating protects against wear and corrosion

Patent Pending