Young Engineering Manufacturing

Surge & Pulsation Control

Topco Oilsite is proud to represent Young Engineering, one of the leading companies in engineered surge and pulsation control equipment for hydraulic applications.

Young has been recognized internationally for the design of fuel systems for airports, fire protection systems, and fluid applications involving hydraulic pressure transients.

Young Engineering has built its reputation on research and development, innovative designs and detailed engineering. They offer products in a variety of materials including carbon and stainless steel, Inconel, copper nickel and PVC. Their manufacturing plant has been certified by Factory Mutual, Lloyds, The National Board of Pressure Vessel Inspectors, Provincial Boiler Approval Branches as well as Underwriters Laboratories. ASME has also certified Young in the manufacture of pressure vessels.

Topco works closely with Young Engineering to provide Canadian customers with specialized equipment that meets their type, sizing, and piping requirements. The Topco distribution centre in Edmonton maintains a supply of spare parts to ensure that inventory is readily available for shipment to the field.