Rod Handling - Equipment Recertification


Our Process

Inspect(according to CAODC Guidelines)
Re-certify (to Engineering Codes)
Document (Through web-based tracking)


Inspection & Re-certification

Sucker Rod Elevators
Rod Hooks
Sucker Rod Spinners
Tubing Elevator Rod Spinners

Integrity and Experience

Topco’s Manufacturing and Recertification Centre inspects and repairs the Trico line of well servicing equipment.

Topco Oilsite Products expertise in Overhead Equipment Inspections is unique in the industry. Using our knowledge as the OEM of the Trico brand of overhead equipment, inspections are conducted in our assembly plant, side by side with new equipment.

We offer CAODC RP 4.0 Level III and IV inspections performance load testing at the equipment’s maximum working load, NDT by CGSB Level II personnel, measurement of wear surfaces, and full traceability and documentation using a unique ID number.