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Topco Oilsite distributes the Watts line of filters, lubricators and regulators for the energy industry.

These products are world class and have established a reputation for dependable service in the most demanding of applications.

Topco maintains an inventory of the Watts lines in the Edmonton distribution centre.

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In many cases, conventional air line lubricators cannot supply adequate lubrication to tools, cylinders, etc. This is due to many factors such as long distances between tool and lubricator, intermittent flow, and complex piping. Parker/Watts Injection Lubricators are designed to deliver precise amounts of oil directly to the point of lubrication as required. To ensure proper lubrication, Paker/Watts injection lubrication products and accessories are available to cover a wide range of applications.

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QUBE Connects you to the Most Advanced Modular Air Preparation Equipment. Designed for Total Flexibility, High Performance and Unlimited Expandability.

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